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Confirmed: Netflix is Taking Stranger Things Into the Upside Down For a Third Season



This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone but Netflix today confirmed that they have renewed their hit supernatural series “Stranger Things” for a third season, per THR. Per the site, the show drew in nearly 16 million viewers within three days of the second season’s launch and was the most popular show in the country, per Parrot Analytics.

“Stranger Things” has become a cultural phenomenon since premiering last year. The show, which follows three separate generations (the children, the high schoolers, and the adults) as they deal with strange occurrences in the fictional town of Hawkins, IN, has bewitched and enchanted audiences around the world. It is also one of the most decorated shows on Netflix, having 18 Emmy nominations under its belt with five actual wins.

In a recent interview with THR, show creators the Duffer brothers explained that they are aware that the children who make up the core cast are in a spot where one year of aging can make a huge difference versus someone like David Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper. As a result, they explain that this reality, “…forces you to do a time jump [in the show].” Explaining this further, Matt Duffer states, “The audience is going to be able to watch these kids come of age every year. The closest example is Harry Potter. Watching those kids and actors grow up in front of the camera was, to me, very powerful.

While we won’t state how the second season ended, we will say that there was a seriously ominous and sinister moment that portends troubles in the third season. What ends up happening is anyone’s guess and we’ll have to see what the Duffers have in store for us when the third season premieres! Hopefully we’ll get that in 2018 but nothing has been confirmed.




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