No Jigsaw For Saw IV

He's gone for good?More news fresh from Value at the San Diego Comic Con. This time it involves the upcoming torture porn sequel Saw IV (“Another Saw IV Poster” – July 26, 2007). It seems that the MPAA was not too pleased with what it saw in Saw IV because it has been branded with an NC-17 rating. But what really makes this interesting is that the filmmakers are hinting that they may want to keep the current decision and run with it. Really, though … how bad could it be?

Bad. So bad in fact that Comic Con refused to allow the picture’s first five minutes to be shown to audiences because it was “too intense.” Too intense for Comic Con attendees?!

More details about the film were revealed when it was explained that the filmmakers could not talk about the industrial bathroom that appears in the previous other Saw features because there are some major spoilers involved with it. It was also relayed to fans that Tobin Bell will be returning as Jigsaw, but his character is truly dead in the upcoming sequel. So, we may only be seeing him in flashbacks, but that’s better than nothing.

Now, we could spend all night debating if the series should be put to rest, but the facts are the Saw franchise is going to keep rolling on because it was also announced today at Comic Con that Saw IV production designer David Hackl has been chose to helm the next chapter: Saw V. Details on that film’s plot have not been revealed, but at least we know something and more will surely be on the way as Saw IV‘s October 26th release date rolls around.

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Kryten Syxx

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