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Todd McFarlane’s R-rated Spawn Reboot Will Be Set in NYC



SPAWN - Todd McFarlane's R-rated Spawn Reboot Will Be Set in NYC

One of the films we are most looking forward to here at Dread Central is Blumhouse’s hard-R reboot of Spawn. The new take on the character is all set to be directed by creator Todd McFarlane and all the news we’ve heard from McFarlane thus far has sounded good to me.

Well, if you’re as interested in the upcoming Spawn reboot as we are, then you’ll be interested to know at New York Comic Con last month, McFarlane sat down with and talked about his upcoming film, including that the film will be set in New York, but might shoot in another city for tax incentives and whatnot.

“You know what, you know this is sort of the sort of uninteresting part of making movies maybe, to people, I don’t know, but there are different places that give incentives for you to come and shoot the movies there,” McFarlane said. “So, we’re going to be looking at all those given that, you know we’re not going to have a big budget so we’re going to want to stretch it as far as we can, right. And so, but, at the same time given that this world takes place in New York, we’re going to have to be in a place that can be somewhat convincing at times, especially for some exterior shots, though my guess I’ll probably have to do a couple pick up shots actually here in New York City, but you know so you’re looking at places like Detroit, and Cleveland and, I’m Canadian, Toronto.”

“I think those are spots you can shoot and there are areas that you can do convincing New York stock especially given you know I’m not down in the stories built around Wall Street,” he continued. “I don’t need those buildings. It’s in sort of the grungier parts of town so I can find that at in other places. So, we’re going to evaluate all that so cause, again, if you save $100,000 here, $200,000 here, half a million dollars here, it may allow you to do another trick or go get another actor or something. You’re basically just moving the financial pieces around to get the most bang for your buck and we’re going to do all that.”

Again, I’m all for Todd McFarlane’s new movie. If anyone knows the character, it’s the guy who created him in the first place, right? Let’s just hope the man knows how to direct a film. But judging from these quotes it seems like he has a good head on his shoulder about how hard it is to make a film. Let’s hope he knocks it out of the park!

How excited are you for Todd McFarlane and Blumhouse’s Spawn? Let us know below!




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