The Dead Walk in California! … For Charity!

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This Saturday, August 13th, zombies will be converging on Hollywood not for brains, but for charity (okay, primarily for charity with the possibility of some brains worked in afterward).

Organizers of the Fourth Annual So.Cal Zombie Walk are organizing an undead invasion of Hollywood Boulevard and are asking all who’d like to participate in the walk to get dolled up in their favorite zombie attire, bring school supplies to donate to local needy school districts and come on down this Saturday. “More … pencils!?!

Actually this sounds like a great idea. And maybe we could even promote education a bit by using this zombie horde. Perhaps a photo of the group with the caption: “If you don’t use your brains, we’ll eat them!” can be hung up in all the local districts. What’s more motivational than the threat of a bloodthirsty band of zombies devouring your head if you fail the algebra test? Too much? Maybe, but it’s a starting point.

The action begins at 5:30 pm for donation collection, rules and photos. Then it’s shuffling off to Hollywood. For all the details, check out SoCal Zombie Walk webpage or follow on Facebook. It’s for a good cause people of Hollywood! Get out there! And for God’s sake, keep your teeth to yourself!

The Dead Walk in California! ... For Charity!

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