Sideshow Madness @ Comic Con

One of the many replicas being shown off.Comic Con is in full swinging motion and news is pouring in from all over the net about new movies, comics and best of all … toys! As a toy collector I get all drooly whenever a respectable company announces a large lineup based off of popular horror licenses. I shorted out at least 3 keyboards today!

Out last story about collectibles being shown off at the gig (“Trick ‘r Treat Joins Sideshow!” – July 25, 2007) was obviously just the tip of the iceberg since Bloody Disgusting is all over this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Today they’ve posted plenty of photos here and here regarding Sideshow Collectible‘s huge line of toys and props.

The amount of products Sideshow is showing off this year is amazing. There are full-size props from Aliens vs Predator: No Peace on Earth and a large assortment of other goods from these classic films: Terminator, The Bride of Frankenstein, Child’s Play, the Alien trilogy, and Nosferatu!

Kryten Syxx

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Jon Condit