A Whale of a Killer, He Makes Jaws Look Like Flipper, It’s Super Shark!

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Last week may have been “Shark Week” on TV, but this music video trailer for Fred Olen Ray’s Super Shark set to the tune of a blacksploitation styled theme song composed and performed by legendary R&B crooner Harvey Scales is the true discovery.

John Schneider (“Dukes of Hazzard”), Sarah Lieving (Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus), Jerry Lacy (“Dark Shadows”), Tim Abell (“Soldiers of Fortune, INC”), Jimmie “J.J.” Walker (“Good Times”), and mucho bikini babes star in Fred Olen Ray’s entry into the increasingly popular b-movie realm of over-the-top mutant shark flicks. Not only is this shark gigantic, not only can it chomp fighter jets out of the sky, not only can it topple oil rigs, not only can it walk on land, this super shark gets to duke it out on a beach in a battle to the death with the military’s ultimate anti-super shark weapon of mass destruction: a walking army tank.

Thanks to the head’s up from friend of the site Avery Guerra, I proudly present to you this stupendous music video trailer chock filled to the gills with what I suspect are most of the best moments from Super Shark set to a Shaft-riffic “Super Shark” theme by Milwaukee’s “Godfather of Soul”, Harvey Scales.

Shut your mouth. I’m talking about Super Shark!

A Whale of a Killer, He Makes Jaws Look Like Flipper, It's Super Shark!

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  • aliensharkboy

    Haha! AWESOME! Anybody know when it’s out?

  • Uncle Creepy

    That could very well be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.