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Larry Cedar Gives Us a Look At His Role in the Upcoming Killer Kate!



With a multitude of stage, screen and voiceover-roles to his credit, journeyman actor Larry Cedar certainly is no stranger when it comes to tossing himself directly into a character’s world. His latest role takes him into director Elliot Feld’s horror comedy Killer Kate!, and he was gracious enough to talk with us for a few minutes about the role, as well as some of his other pieces of work, so settle in, read on and enjoy!

DC: Larry, what can you tell us about the film and the character that you’ll be playing?

LC: It’s the story of a young woman who’s not exactly on the best of terms with her sister – nothing terrible, but just the usual differences, so it’s a bit of an estranged relationship, and her sister’s getting married, and she doesn’t necessarily want to go to the wedding or have anything to do with it. I play their father, who is terminally ill, and he convinces her that for the good of her family that she really should go. She ends up going to a bachelorette party that her sister is throwing with a few of her friends, and it turns out to be a house of horrors – they don’t realize it right away, but they soon thereafter find out that there’s people stalking them, and eventually attacking them, and their forced to defend themselves in a bunch of ways – I don’t want to give too much away, but that’s kind of how it shakes down.

DC: Your resume is very impressive, considering all of the work you’ve done on stage, screen and voice-acting – do you see a different mode of preparation when getting yourself ready for each respective role that comes along in different formats?

LC: Well, when it comes to theater, you rehearse for 4 -5 weeks, and I’m doing a one-man show right now, and we’ve been rehearsing for months. For film, you can get a bit more rehearsal time depending on the budget, and television is almost instantaneous. I shot one of my scenes yesterday, and Elliot Feld (director for Killer Kate!) came over and we talked a little bit about the character and some of the finesse of the scene which really was very helpful, because you can find yourself kind of groping in the dark, so it’s really just relative to the piece, but theater would be the longest amount of preparation.

DC: Speaking of theater, you’ve almost completed a run of Dostoevsky’s Notes From The Underground, which ironically enough was directed by your wife, Pamela. I’m sure she’s quite familiar with your methods when it comes to acting, so is it along the lines of taking her exact direction, or does she say “ok, I know what you can do, so just go to it?

LC: It’s a little bit of both – she’s seen my work, and she knows my work, and she knows what I’m capable of. Some directors will give you that bit of free reign, while others have a much tighter control – I prefer having a free reign. You can always bring me in after I’ve tried some stuff, but just give me a shot, and that’s the kind of director my wife is – she just says “gimme what you got”, and she’ll either say “yeah that works” or she’ll veto it and let me know that I’m heading in the wrong direction. Aside from that she’ll tell me that she’s been thinking about a scene, and I think we need to go with this – it’s a common mix of her own ideas as well as letting my go with some of my own stuff.

DC: I can’t imagine that you have much down-time, but after your spot in Killer Kate wraps, what else will you be working on?

LC: I’m still finishing up the Dostoevsky play, and I may jump into another piece after that, and I’m auditioning fairly regularly – I just came from a commercial audition, and you just kind of spill from one thing to the next, and you’re never really sure what that’s going to be – but that’s the fun part of the business, as there’s never a dull moment.




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