Get Ready Denver – The Mile High Horror Film Festival Is Preparing for Takeoff

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The Mile High Horror Film Festival

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Tim Tebow is trying to bring a winning environment back to Denver, but even if the Broncos can’t get their shit together again this year and there is no Super Bowl on the horizon, the Mile High City does have another pretty interesting event scheduled that might make all the fans of pigskin violence forget their gridiron woes for a while.

Get Ready Denver - The Mile High Horror Film Festival Is Preparing for TakeoffFor the second consecutive year the Starz Film Center in Denver will be the home for The Mile High Horror Film Festival. (Note: This is not a series of videos depicting sexual exploits in airplane bathrooms gone awry but an actual festival of great horror films!) This year the event takes place from October 7-9.

And although the organizers have not yet announced the slate of films to be screened, some of the special guests have been named. Dan Myrick, the writer/director of the groundbreaking first-person horror film The Blair Witch Project (one of my personal top 10 horror films), will be a judge in the feature film category. Joining Myrick will be actor/stuntman A. Michael Lerner (Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, Total Recall, “Twin Peaks”), b-movie scream queen Scarlet Salem, and local Denver radio host DJ Bailey.

Plenty of additional information, including the full slate of films and more celebrity guests, will be released soon. Stay tuned to Dread Central for all the up-to-date info.

From the Press Release
The Mile High Horror Film Festival (October 7-9, 2011) will be hosted once again at the Starz Film Center in Denver, Colorado, and is ready to bring much warranted attention to the city while showcasing the best in the wide gambit of independent horror films.

“Our mission is to showcase the very best of what the independent horror film industry has to offer and take the audience on a cinematic thrill ride at high altitude!” said Executive Director of the festival Timothy Shultz. The festival is expecting its biggest year yet with a combination of wonderful films, celebrity judges and a strong media campaign to attract attention to the festival, the participants and the city of Denver itself.

Celebrity Guest Press Release
In what is going to be a series of announcements, the Mile High Horror Film Festival is pleased to reveal the first of its celebrity judges.

Dan Myrick, writer/director of seminal groundbreaking The Blair Witch Project, will be returning as a judge for the feature film category. Mr. Myrick has gone on to a rewarding career including numerous writing, directing and producing credits (including The Blair Witch Project 2, Rest Stop, Otis, Solstice, The Objective).

A. Michael Lerner, one of the most prolific actors/stuntmen in the industry will be a judge for the short film category. Mr. Lerner’s credits include appearing as one of the actors portraying Michael Myers in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. Additionally he has worked on such series and movies as, Total Recall, “Twin Peaks”, Mercury Rising, The Shawshank Redemption, “Northern Exposure”, Mississippi Burning, Invaders from Mars, Last Man Standing, “Beauty and the Beast” and many more.

The lovely and talented actress/model Scarlet Salem (Sarah French) will be joining the festival as a short film judge as well. Ms. Salem is a favorite within the indie horror scene and convention circuit and is a veteran of more than twenty-five films, including Scream Queen Campfire, Hallow Pointe, Monsterpiece Theater Volume II, Shriek of the Sasquatch, Tales of the Dead, Camp Kill, Strip Club Slasher and many more.

Local Denver fans will thrilled to have Area 93.3 FM radio host DJ Bailey judging short films as well. Bailey hosts the mid-day show from 10am-3pm on 93.3 in Denver.

The festival is October 7-9 at the Starz Film Center at the Tivoli Center on the Auraria Campus. For up to the moment information, check the The Mile High Horror Film Festival website.

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