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First Look: The Last in Line and Their Broken Swords



Another indie flick is headed our way entitled The Last in Line from director Michael Babbitt. Kelly Lynn Reiter, Clark Sarullo, and Jason Vail star. Read on for the early details and a bit of eye candy.

From the Press Release:
Actor Jason Vail (Tammy, Boo, A Madea Halloween) takes on the role of Marko, former slave turned soldier. Kellie Lynn Reiter (Nation’s Fire, Underbelly) is the magic-wielding healer Kaylee. Along with Clark Sarullo (Cell, Anchorman 2), they join a band of warriors who are fiercely outnumbered in a last stand against the Samada, Nosck and Ardenian armies in this fantasy drama, The Last In Line.

Along with Vail, Reiter, and Sarullo, the cast includes Dante Walker, Maxine Eloi, George Kaiser, Kellie Carroll, Karina Simonis, Rebecca Blum, Anthony Treble, and Tom Gore.

The film is produced by Bombshell Studios, written by Christopher Lee Jones, and directed by Michael Babbitt; cinematography is by Shawn Schaffer. It takes place in the fantasy world of the elite mercenaries known as The Broken Swords. What will be their outcome… only the gods know for sure.

A release date is set for late 2018.




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