Palumbo Set to Shock Again

Nick PalumboThings have been pretty quiet over at Nick Palumbo’s Fright Flix Productions for a few years. Sure, his film Murder Set Pieces had a DVD release and all that, but as far as new productions go … it has been dead.

All that changed today as we got an e-mail announcing that Palumbo will be joining forces with Gunslinger Media CEO and Girls And Corpses co-publisher Stephan Miller to helm a five million dollar horror/shocker feature called Corpse. According to the film’s official website we learned that Corpse will be about a tiny Midwestern town where the dead have risen as the Apocalypse begins. The undead like starting small and working their way up to bigger areas in the US.

The production of Corpse will be documented in a series of podcasts, stills and videos over at the Underground Horror Movie Network starting in early September. According to Miller, “Fans want to know what happens from pre-production to the final cut, and they do not want to wait for the DVD to come out. We are reversing the process. You can watch what we go through, and then see the movie.

We wish Nick the best in his new project and hope it is better received than MSP. If you’re looking for more information on the project, check out the flick’s MySpace page. For more on Nick himself, head on over to his MySpace profile.

Kryten Syxx

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