UPDATED: Did Cowboys & Aliens Get Cowpoked by Smurfs at the Box Office?

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It was high noon at the box office this weekend as Cowboys & Aliens and The Smurfs drew their pistols on one another. So which movie managed to wrangle the most moolah?

Neither it appears to be at the time I’m writing this. Both films look to be wrapping up their opening weekend with about $35-$36 million. Too close to call, proclaims BoxOfficeMojo. The big screen adaptation of the popular 80’s cartoon got the early jump on the big budget Daniel Craig-Harrison Ford sci-fi western on Friday, but Jon Favreau’s comic book adaptation pulled ahead for Saturday and Sunday, leading to the current box office draw.

Regardless of which one squeaks out the win when all the dollars are tallied, one would still have to consider that Sony releasing The Smurfs with inflated 3D prices helped contribute to its higher total. The bad news for Universal is twofold in that The Smurfs, being a kiddy-targeted family flick, is likely to gross more in the long run, and a mere $32 million can only be seen as a disappointment considering Cowboys & Aliens‘ star power and hefty price tag.

UPDATE: Per Deadline Cowboys & Aliens narrowly beat The Smurfs for the weekend win $36,431,290 vs. $35,611,637.

Meanwhile, some British alien movie you may have heard about on the internet – I think it’s called Attack the Block or something like that – pulled in $130,000 on only eight screens. Maybe this will inspire the distributors to open it wider so that the rest of us can finally get a chance to see what all the hype is about.

Next weekend brings Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a true box office wildcard if ever there was one. Also, it’s the movie our own MattFini has been most looking forward to. If you have a moment, tweet him to ask how excited he is for this sci-fi simian prequel.

Did Cowboys & Aliens Get Cowpoked by Smurfs at the Box Office?

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  • Emy

    Great touch on the Smurfs poster there…

    • Uncle Creepy

      That was Andrew. He had a “Creepy” moment of inspiration. Thus far I think you’re the only one who has noticed. LOL

      • Vanvance1

        Midnight Meat Smurf. Tres cool.

        I hope the inevitable Smurf sequel is written as an unrated horror film, maybe co-starring Jason.

        It would be easy to segue from Jason X straight into Jason landing on a planet full of Smurfs. The slaughter would be tremendous!