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Clive Barker’s CANDYMAN gets a retro Halloween makeover!



Hey, kids!

Stephen Romano here, author/screenwriter and sometimes illustrator.  I’m a sick bastard like you are (hopefully), and every year I try to trot out something cool for Halloween.  And in case the big announcement we just made at Eibon Press about Bill Lustig’s Maniac fighting Lucio Fulci’s New York Ripper in our comics wasn’t quite enough to jack your sugar rush from trick or treating . . .  well, I have one more cool thing for ya.

Last month I was commissioned by none other than Clive Barker to create a companion piece to a rather awesome bit of old school-style movie poster art that first appeared here for my RETRO 13 SERIES.  In that series, I tackled Hellraiser, as if it were an old Hammer film from the 1970s.  Clive liked it a lot and wanted it to be part of his official merhadising line at his website—but he also wanted a Candyman piece to go with it.  And who was I to argue?  The result is the brand new Retro 13 style “sequel” piece you see below.

Like my Hellraiser, it’s a totally new take on the classic film.  Anyone remember the ending of Candyman? There’s another monster in that film. And she’s a vengeful, badass bitch!

BUT the best part is now you can buy BOTH Candyman and Hellraiser as super high quality prints right from Clive’s official site!  Put them side by side in frames and they’ll blow all the other art you have right off the walls!  Promise!

CLICK HERE to go to Clive’s official site and get some.  Plus check out the cool other art pieces hanging there by some truly taneted mofos, including Christian Francis, who was Clive’s point man on my project.  Christian’s done some awesome Nightbreed art, which I think you really need too.

If any of this Halloween nonsense appeals to you and you’d like to know more, CLICK HERE to head over to my own website, where I regurgitate an astounding amount of blather about how the new Candyman poster was created.




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