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Exclusive: Fang Teaser Trailer Starts Bloody and With Dinner



The rise of crowdfunding has seen a surge of horror films dedicated to werewolves over the past several years. I’m not one to complain as I think that’s a monster that can always use more entries, especially after the deluge of zombie films we’ve been getting and the long history of vampires in cinema.

That’s where Adam R. Steigert’s Fang comes in, a practical FX-driven werewolf horror film that has wrapped principal photography! We’ve been given an exclusive teaser trailer that you can see below and while I wouldn’t exactly call it NSFW, I do urge caution in deciding where you choose to watch it.

Gregory Blair, who plays “Harold”, states, “Steigert’s ambitious direction embodies the perfect combination of prepared calculation and movement-to-movement creativity that fosters great work; I hope my creepy Harold proves worthy and that audiences have as much fun watching as I did bringing him to life.

Also starring in the film are Patrick Mallette and horror icon Melantha Blackthorne (She-Demons of the Black Sun, Rise of the Ghosts, Countess Bathoria’s Graveyard Picture Show).

After participating in a robbery turned murder, Chloe (Melodie Roehrig) and Joe (Theo Maefs) decided to hide out at a distant relative’s house, only to find themselves stalked and hunted by creatures and forces unknown.





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