Petty Loves His Monsters

Robert Hall makes it all better on the set of The BurrowersMaybe I’m just weird, but if I were in a situation in which I had to face the very real possibility of being eaten alive by nasty underground creatures, I think I would be at peace with that.

Not so for the guy in the picture to your right, which is of effects man Robert Hall making the boo-boo on that shotgun suicide’s head all better with a kiss, from the set of J.T. Petty’s The Burrowers. The pic comes from Petty’s latest blog entry over on Fearnet, in which he discusses the pure joy and pain that is shooting monsters without CG:

“It’s like trying to make a movie with an army of beautiful invalids,” he ponders. “There’s a chance that they’ll achieve the sublime, but an equal chance that they’ll break in half and die twitching on the floor. And not in the way you’re hoping.”

Check out the full Burrowers blog entry here and keep your eyes and ears sharp; J.T. finishes shooting pretty soon so expect to see some very good stuff coming from The Burrowers before you know it!

Johnny Butane

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