Lizard Boy Soon To Sun Himself In Your Home! New Stills and Artwork!

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Oh crazy scientists, when will they learn not to play God? Not any time soon, if Lizard Boy has anything to say about it. Where else would we see abominations of science and nature occur?

Other than reality TV and Walmarts.

Filmmakers Paul Della Pelle and Adonis Cruz’s contribution to the mad scientist genre, Lizard Boy, is finally making its way to your home to add to the mayhem. The horror-thriller has found distribution through Cinema Epoch and will be available August 30th.

Lizard Boy is the story of the creation of a new life form, bred from combining a rhesus monkey and reptile DNA. And it promises to deliver on all the weirdness you would expect from a movie named Lizard Boy

I mean, have you ever seen a half-monkey/half-lizard doing MMA? I didn’t think so.

You can keep up with all things related to this film at the official Lizard Boy website.

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Hired by Defense Science Office agents to create a genetic hybrid by combining rhesus monkey and reptile DNA, renowned geneticist Gino Conti (Pete Punito) becomes suspicious of the government’s intentions and sets out to sabotage their seemingly diabolical plan.

Plagued by personal inadequacies and memories of his tragic past, Dr. Conti makes the experiment his own by injecting human DNA into the mix, creating a half-human/half-reptile hybrid he then raises as his son.

Family life goes on fairly normally with a son heavy into mixed martial arts, internet dating, and catching and eating local wildlife. But parenting becomes a real challenge when the son, Carlo, develops a taste for human blood.

When a local couple is found viciously murdered, the government agents and local law enforcement suspect things are amiss at T-Gen labs, and Conti’s covert scheme begins to quickly unravel, setting off a dangerous chase into the monstrous side of science.

Lizard Boy Soon To Sun Himself In Your Home! New Stills and Artwork!

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