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Total War: Warhammer II Showered With Official Blood And Gore DLC



Although it launched with a T rating, Total War: Warhammer II has just received a new DLC expansion which adds in mountains of blood and gore. The DLC is called Blood for the Blood God II, as the blood and gore DLC for the original title went by the name Blood for the Blood God. Have a look at some of the red stuff in action in the NSFW trailer below.

In addition, the game has also received a huge new campaign expansion called Mortal Empires, which you can learn more about here.

We gave Total War: Warhammer II a near perfect score in our review, so if you already own the game, this blood and gore DLC is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween. It’s available to purchase now on the game’s Steam page.

The following official synopsis details the kinds of body damage and injury detail which you’ll encounter once you download Blood for the Blood God II.

Total War™: WARHAMMER® IIBlood for the Blood God Official Synopsis
PLEASE NOTE: This Effects Pack is free for players who have purchased Blood for the Blood God for the original Total War: WARHAMMER.

It has been added to their Steam library and will be downloaded automatically for WARHAMMER II.

“Through the smoke prowl roving bands of Witch Elves, murder in their hearts. Under the direction of their Hag Queens, they steal away any Dark Elves they find, often breaking into houses to drag the inhabitants to their bloody altars…”

From the icy peaks of Naggaroth to the arid reaches of the Southlands, each race struggles for dominion. As their conquests grow, the land turns crimson, and rivers run red with the blood of the slain!

Blood for The Blood God brings a number of gory, mature-rated effects to Total War: WARHAMMER II:

  • Blood spurts.
  • Gory spatter on unit models.
  • Limb and head dismemberment (humanoids and non-legendary characters).
  • Zombies and skeletons may continue to fight after dismemberment!
  • Explosive gibbing from deadly mid-torso strikes.
  • Blood-drenched UI elements.
  • Random, global campaign events that generate greater carnage in battle.




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