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Primal Rage Trailer Unleashes the Terror of Bigfoot



A teaser trailer for the Bigfoot horror film Primal Rage has been released ahead of its world premiere at this year’s Cinepocalypse and can be seen below. The film supposedly, “…blows the lid off traditional Bigfoot Mythology, offering up an intelligent, cunning, primitive being, cloaked in ancient Native American mystique.” Color us intrigued!

After the premiere at Cinepocalypse, Primal Rage can look forward to a theatrical release in early 2018 via Blue Fox Entertainment.

Directed by Patrick Magee, who co-wrote the film with Jay Lee, Primal Rage stars Andrew Joseph Montgomery, Casey Gagliardi, Eloy Casados, Justin Rain and Marshal Hilton.

Lost deep in the forest of the Pacific Northwest, Ashley and Max Carr are stalked by a terrifying creature that might be Bigfoot. Soon they find themselves embroiled in a strange land of Native American myth and legend turned real. Hopelessly trying to survive, with a handful of unsavory locals, they must fight back against this monster in a desperate battle of life or death.




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