McFarlane Still Talking Spawn 2

Todd McFarlane to independently produce Spawn 2Seems like someone like Todd McFarlane should really not have this much of an issue getting a movie made these days, but such is not the case. Movie making is hard for anyone, even if they’re rolling around in piles of money because of their massively popular sports licenses.

I kid, I’m sure he’s not doing that well, but it’s still odd how long he’s been talking about another Spawn movie, one that will smartly push the events of the first under the rug. Most recently Todd had a one-on-one with MTV about the film, which he’s still sticking to original concept about; Spawn 2 will be a darkly suspenseful movie, R-rated, with Spawn spending most of the time hidden in shadows, never speaking.

He’s been attached to various producers throughout the years, he’s said, but no one really “gets” his vision. All they’d have to do, one would think, would be to watch the first Spawn movie and be sold on the concept of un-cheesifying it.

“There’s not going to be any villains or bad guys, there’s not going to be any of that,” he told the site. “It’s just going to be this one odd thing in the middle of a very real movie. I’m not trying to do a comic book movie; I don’t have that much money.”

Currently the plan is for Todd to write, produce and direct Spawn 2 (a numerical I have a feeling will drop eventually), but there’s no timeline in place. Since he plans on doing it outside the Hollywood system, it could still be a few more years, but man I hope not. I gotta admit, I’m curious how this one will turn out.

Johnny Butane

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