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New Horror Writing Course Boasts a Fearsome Exclusive



Nightmare Fuel Horror Writing Course

If you’ve ever considered turning your pen to the horror genre but doubted your abilities for literary scaremongering, it looks like now might be the time to sharpen your skills — as online writing course Nightmare Fuel: How to Write Horror That Guarantees Sleepless Nights has landed with a heavy introductory discount and an exclusive bonus that brings together a “fearsome” collection of genre greats.

Recently launched by the folks at AutoCrit, providers of fiction editing software and writing education, Nightmare Fuel promises a multimedia guide through six modules of horror-centric writing tutorial — plus an exclusive supplement they’re calling “The Fearsome Five”, sporting brand new writing from seasoned horror authors including legends Ramsey Campbell and the often-controversial Graham Masterton.

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From the Press Release:
Primarily known for providing the most advanced online editing software specifically for fiction writers, author champions AutoCrit have historically kept their wealth of writing education locked behind the closed doors of the subscription-only AutoCrit Elite programme.

This October, that all changes… as something has emerged from the dark to grant the most wicked of expertise to all who should seek it.

Featuring six custom-built modules, Nightmare Fuel: How to Write Horror That Guarantees Sleepless Nights is an accessible, all-new course that tackles writing for horror from every angle — and there’s no need to be an AutoCrit member to sink your teeth into it.

With video instruction, text and audio downloads, plus a selection of questionnaires, planners, worksheets, and writing prompts, this complete course is a dream (or nightmare) come true for any potential horror scribe regardless of their experience with the genre.

In a standout turn, all purchases of the course also come with a free bonus in the form of AutoCrit-exclusive supplement “The Fearsome Five,” which is loaded with all-new advice and insights from horror luminaries including Ramsey Campbell and Graham Masterton!

From now until November 4, the Nightmare Fuel course is available at less than half price as part of an Early Bird intro offer. Get more info at the AutoCrit website if you’re looking to train to terrify.

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