Bill Moseley and Danielle Harris to Enter the Theatre of the Devil

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So we just found out that next to our offices a new theatre has opened up that charges $19.50 for a regular ticket and $22.50 for a 3D ticket to see a movie there. Mind you, this has nothing to do with the new flick Theatre of the Devil, but those money-hungry bastards can go straight to Hell.

Bill Moseley and Danielle Harris to Enter the Theatre of the DevilAnyway …

Mikrotone Entertainment has announced that both Danielle Harris (pictured right) and Bill Moseley have signed on for roles in the Jourdan McClure-directed Theatre of the Devil.

It’s an amazing script!” said Harris in a previous interview. Moseley, who’s also producing, will play the hermit-like illusionist Xanthus in the film. He meets Diana (Harris), an embittered housewife, who formulates a plan and kills her husband for his money, leaving her boy-toy to take the fall. However, when the police get on her trail, she flees, unafraid to use any means necessary to stay beyond the reach of the law. When she meets Xanthus, she thinks she’s found her next pawn, but she’s stumbled into a trap decades in the making.

The project is still drawing together financing. Look for more soon!

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  • Vanvance1

    I’ve found that a large screen tv, great surround speakers and a quality receiver means you don’t have to spend much time in public theatres.

    The food there is poor and overpriced. They advertise at you before the movie. People are rude and sit there talking or texting on their bright oled phones.

    The modern theatrical experience is shit. No small wonder ticket sales overall are down.

    • Masked Slasher

      You’re right. I went to Captain America on opening night. Guess that was my mistake, right? But it’s serious bullshit when you CAN’T go to a movie on opening night because the crowds are a bunch of uneducated, rude and obnoxious assholes.

      Let’s see: there was a row of 8 or 9 kids in the front talking, making stupid sounds and throwing popcorn at one another the entire time. Their parents, suspiciously enough, sat in the back of the theater and opted to ignore them.

      Then there were four douchebag guys who literally whispered through the whole fucking movie. The entire time. Behind them were people talking in Spanish nonstop. Some cocksucker took a phone call, a couple behind me talked endlessly about comic books and three guys came in halfway through the movie and proceeded to play with their phones.

      Beyond that the sound was shit, the trailers were misframed …

      I’m to the point where I’m more than willing to wait for Blu-ray and spend the $20 to buy the disc and watch it in my living room. Sure beats the hellish experience of last Friday, that’s for sure.

      • Vanvance1

        I still drag my ass to the theatre at times. Usually it’s only for a date night, to be social or because it’s a movie/director I really want to support.

        Everything else I prefer to watch at home.

        Usually I love technology but I can’t help feeling that cell phones have made society a much ruder place and have completely wrecked the movie going experience.