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Takashi Shimizu at Comic Con '06 I really don’t know what it is, but I just cannot bring myself to get excited for The Grudge 2, the upcoming sequel to the massively popular Grudge remake and helmer Takashi Shimizu’s 6th crack at his own mythology. Maybe it’s the pretty faces in the lead that mean nothing to me; maybe it’s the fact that I’ve yet to see a single Grudge film that has managed to even impress me, let along creep me out; maybe it’s because I know Shimizu can do better, weirder stuff (see Marebito).

All that aside, the official Ghost House Pictures site doesn’t care if I care; all that matters is if you care. So be sure to head on over there to see the second in a series of Grudge 2 webisodes, which over the course of the next few months will detail the making of the film so you guys can get even more excited for it. Who knows, maybe I’ll see something that will do the same for me…

They’ve also got the first two 30 Days of Night webisodes up as well, so be sure to check them out right here. Now this is a film I’m excited by, though one would think, it being a vampire film and all, that that would not be the case. I guess I’m just unpredictable and dangerous that way…

Johnny Butane

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