Never Have I Ever Is A Game That Will Take You One-By-One

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Anytime there’s news of a new slasher flick on the horizon I find myself giddy, and today is no different. Writer/Director Zachary Paul is looking to carve another entry in the ‘gay slasher’ sub-subgenre with Never Have I Ever, and we’ve got the early word on it.

According to the film’s official Facebook page:
If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why characters in horror movies go to investigate a strange noise, this is the film for you. NEVER HAVE I EVER aims to put the horror back into the slasher genre. For too long now, slasher movies have been reduced to cardboard characters that leave the audience begging for their imminent deaths. With this film, director Zachary Paul will utilize realistic characters behaving intelligently under the typical frame work of a hack n’ slash flick. Witty, scary, honest and brutal, Never Have I Ever will drag the dusty slasher genre kicking and screaming into the modern age.

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I’m hoping the film holds true to its promise of intelligent people behaving believably as virtually NO modern slasher film seems to understand that we’re not angling to root for the villain. We’ll see.

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