Might Sarah Connor Return For Another Terminator?

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By now everyone knows that Fast Five director Justin Lin is attached to the next Terminator film. What we don’t know is where the next sequel/remake/whatever will take us. Although we did get a few possible hints.

Moviehole talked to Lin about the next Terminator, on which there are not many available details. Lin says it’s still very early in the development phase and that there’s no script as of yet. He does agree with the franchise’s shoddy treatment of the Sarah Connor character, however, and how she was written out of the third film rather coldly. On that he suggests the possibility of utilizing the time-travel storyline to write some of the previous wrongs.

Nothing concrete, but it does give us an idea of where Lin stands on the next film. Right? It’s early, but keep watching this space. We’ll have more on T5 as we can get it. Whatever happens, it can’t be any worse than this:

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  • jkincer

    Personally I would think they would take the “parts 3 & 4 never happened” and just follow up directly after 2. Show Skynight wiping out humanity and end with Kyle getting sent back. That way it ties everything up the Conner mythos nicely. They can always tell other stories in the Terminator universe with NEW characters, but if they want to set up the new team as being legit and gain the respect of the fans dumping the hot mess of parts 3 and 4 would be the easiest. And really, who is going to be mad if those two turds are flushed away?

    Oh yeah, go with Linda Hamilton for sure. No recast, give her whatever $ she wants or leave the character out all together.

  • Terminal

    Would you cast another Sarah Conner or go with Linda Hamilton again?

    • un_DOA

      I’d go with Linda Hamilton, again. They could easily say that she faked her death in T3, and that she’s just been hiding underground for years. Kind of like Laurie Strode in Halloween:H20.