Hallmark Gets a Shark Swarm!

Shark Swarm logo (click to see it bigger!Over the weekend a reader dropped us a line with a heads-up about a new film being shot for The Hallmark Channel, of all places, that really sounds like it might be the shark movie we’ve all been waiting for. Seriously.

It’s called Shark Swarm (love the title already) and is about what it sounds like; a swarm of sharks attacking innocent victims. Actually the plot isn’t exactly clear to us yet, but we do know that Daryl Hannah, F. Murray Abraham and John Schneider star, which is a pretty solid if not somewhat expected cast for a TV movie. Schneider, you may recall, was last seen in the dull as rocks Lake Placid 2, but Shark Swarm sounds like it’s going to be a major step forward from there.

Shark Swarm filming (click to see it bigger!Why does it sound so good to me, you ask? It’s because of the duo who wrote it; two guys who have been following us around the web since back in the Creature Corner days; David Rosiak (called Messiah Man on the boards) and Matthew Chernov (Ultimo Franco) were behind the Shark Swarm script, a deal they got shortly after signing with Levinson Productions. Congrats to both of you if you’re reading this; I have great hope for how the film’s going to turn out cause these guys are serious horror fans and, by all accounts I could find, so are the people who are actually making the movie.

The plan now is to air it as a two-part miniseries though if it’s as bloody as we hope it will be, the chances of it being on The Hallmark Channel are slim. We’re going to try and poke the brains of the films’ writers to find out more, so stay tuned for updates as we squeeze ‘em out!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane