New Badass Beyond Skyline Trailer Starring Frank Grillo & Iko Uwais

The original Skyline film wasn’t that great. The fact that there is a sequel coming soon is something I don’t think most of us have bothered to pay even the slightest bit of attention to.

But I have a feeling that all of that will change today. Once you’ve had the chance to check out the all-new trailer.

We have to say that original mediocre film be damned, Beyond Skyline looks like a badass time at the movies! In fact, the best way to describe this new trailer is a more intense, R-rated Transformers film…

If, you know, Transformers had grade-A ass-kickers Frank Grillo and Iko Uwais kicking robots in the throat and punching aliens in the back of the face for 100 mins.

Told you it was awesome.

When the population of Los Angeles is vacuumed off the face of the earth, Detective Mark Corley (Frank Grillo) storms his way onto an alien ship to rescue his estranged son.  But after crashing the ship in Southeast Asia, he must forge an alliance with a band of survivors to discover the key to saving his son and taking back the planet once and for all.

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