San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Aron Warner’s Pariah Comic Series Debuting at the Show

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And word has come of another genre-related comic series that’s making its debut at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, this one entitled Pariah from the mind of Aron Warner, who is just coming off of Cirque 3D with James Cameron and whose Strange Weather Films is producing the Beasts of Burden film adaptation with Dark Horse Entertainment.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011Warner’s a busy guy indeed, and here are Pariah‘s details from the press release:

They’re not super powered, they’re just super smart. The teen protagonists who lead us through the world of Pariah, a twelve-book graphic novel series from the mind of Oscar-winning film producer Aron Warner and published by Sea Lion Books, are the next generation of heroes in the comic book world. Eisner-nominated illustrator Brett Weldele (The Surrogates) will bring the stories to life in ink, and Philip Gelatt will pen the scripts set in Warner’s world for the twelve books. As buzz builds about this unlikely collaboration and the unique story of Pariah, the series will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con on July 20–24th.

“I came up with Pariah after reading an article about in vitro genetic manipulation,” Warner says. “We take medications every day without fully understanding how they work. It’s kind of terrifying if you think about it. In Pariah, kids grow up with incredible intelligence as a side effect of modern ‘cures.’ The problem is that they’re so smart, they question everything – even things we hold as sacred. All of our laws, morals, and even physical constraints will be torn apart and re-built. These kids are adrift in every way, equipped with mental tools we can’t even imagine. On top of all of that, they’re persecuted, feared and hated. As if being a teenager didn’t suck enough…”

The Vitros, as the characters are called, are a group of several hundred kids from all over the world who possess beyond-human intelligence produced via genetic manipulation. As teenagers in the process of trying to uncover their identities, they live relatively normal lives, though not without a fair amount of suspicion thrown at them from the fringes of society. When the Vitros are framed for a deadly explosion at a laboratory that releases a virus on the population, the government systematically begins to round up these pariahs, sending our heroes on the run from the authorities and their lives.

Says Sea Lion’s Publisher, Derek Ruiz, “Aron has captured the essence of being a Pariah as seen through the eyes of a group of scientifically created teens. They are a Petri dish of innocent souls infinitely more intelligent than anyone else on Earth. Yet their creation and existence has left them shunned and condemned.”

What happens when the society that created them also tries to destroy them? The Pariahs fight back this July.

For updates and additional information visit the official Pariah website, join Pariah on Facebook, or follow Pariah on Twitter.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Aron Warner's Pariah Comic Series Debuting at the Show

Pariah creators Aron Warner, Philip Gellat, and Brett Weldele will be present for two signings at Comic-Con, at two different locations.

Preview Night – Wednesday, July 20, 6-9pm
Location: Booth 433

Friday, July 22, 3-5pm
Location: Exhibitor Table E03

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