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Bear McCreary’s Original Score For The Walking Dead Finally Being Released!



No, pigs aren’t flying and world peace hasn’t been achieved. However, in what may be the most (pleasantly) shocking bit of news I’ve gotten this year, AMC has finally committed to releasing Bear McCreary’s original score for their hit series “The Walking Dead”!

Some of you might be thinking, “So what? Wasn’t this released a while ago?” Kinda sorta? But not really? You see, AMC released a “Music of The Walking Dead” back in 2013 but it wasn’t McCreary’s original score. Rather, it was a collection of licensed tracks, including a remix of the main theme. While it wasn’t a bad album (Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohen’s “The Parting Glass” is truly gorgeous), it wasn’t what fans wanted, leaving them languishing and waiting for a score that seemingly would never come.

But that’s now changed as McCreary has curated a soundtrack that cherrypicks his favorite pieces, as well as several highly requested fan favorites, from the past seven seasons of the show.

McCreary explains his approach to composing the hit zombie post-apocalyptic series, saying, “When we started discussing the first season we agreed that drama, action, and horror would be felt more intimately if the score were used only in pivotal scenes, and that it should be written with tonal clarity. This approach allowed me to create big emotional impacts with sparse musical gestures.

This collection of music will be released via Lakeshore Records digitally and on CD on October 20th followed by a vinyl release on October 27th, 2017.

You can pre-order the soundtrack via iTunes, Amazon, or Apple Music right here.




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