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Exclusive: Criminally Listed Talks True Crime, Cannibals, Demonetization



YouTube has been a treasure trove for horror connoisseurs. From true ghost stories to UFO footage, the video hosting site provides a never ending source of content. Over the past few years content creators have been striving to provide series with a bit more substance than just repeating Wikipedia pages verbatim. As Google’s platform has grown, it has become the main source for news and entertainment for many cord-cutters. This meant that the quality of the media needed to improve, and it certainly has. Creators such as Rob Dyke and Cayleigh Elise have turned reporting true crime stories into an art form.

Just over a year ago a new channel appeared that also aimed to provide a unique voice to creepy content on YouTube. Rob Grimminck’s “Criminally Listed” series focuses on bizarre murders, mysterious disapearances, and haunting happenings. The channel has seen some explosive growth since its creation, which could be accredited to Grimminck’s presentation and attention to detail as he lays out the facts of each chilling story.

We recently spoke to Rob about his series and a trend occurring on YouTube where the genre we love is being deemed as “not advertiser friendly.” Check it out below! You can also connect with “Criminally Listed” on Facebook and Twitter.





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