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Event Report: Things Get Creepy at Creep LA: Lore



Creep LA has consistently raised the bar for SoCal immersive horror experiences, and as we found this past Tuesday at the preview night for their latest incarnation Lore, they’ve done so once again, and wonderfully so.

Now in its third year (and after the entirely impressive play The Willows which we experienced earlier this year), Creep LA has teamed this time with Amazon Prime Exclusive’s upcoming six-episode anthology series “Lore” (derived from Aaron Mahnke’s popular podcast of the same name, and streaming globally on Amazon Prime on October 13th) to deliver their latest creation. Taking place at Magic Box LA (1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, 90007; with entrance to Creep LA: Lore located at 1986 Hill St, Los Angeles, CA, 90007) in Downtown LA on select dates from October 5th through November 12th, Creep LA: Lore is an hour long immersive horror event, which invites guests to venture into an altered world where folklore comes to life.

Top notch production, scintillating performances and bold creativity lay within, as guests make their way through a series of darkened and disturbing tableaus based on the series. With Lore (as was with their previous events), the “conga line” of corporate haunted houses is non-existent. The very construct of the production isn’t one of volume, but one of lingering dread and dramatic personalization. The narratives of Lore range from that of a murderous Bunny Man who preys on trick or treaters, to a child-snatching wolf which lurks in the woods, and beyond, but to say anymore may potentially spoil your visit. Creep LA: Lore should be experienced as its previous events: blindly. Give yourself up to it. And as Darren Lynn Bousman of SoCal’s other immersive leviathans The Tension Experience and The Lust Experience has encouraged of his own guests, “Be present.”

Forget the standard misdirect and the ensuing scare actor can shaking of the larger haunts. Creep LA: Lore will psychologically get under your skin, and you’ll be happy it did.

Tickets for Creep LA start at $65. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit CreepLA.com.

Writer’s note: My thanks to Michelle Rodriguez for arranging our visit!

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