Top Cow’s Unholy Union Preview!

Top Cow's Unholy Union preview!Jackie Estacado is head of a major crime family in New York City. He’s also The Darkness, in possession of the ability to make creatures out of a black, writhing force he inherited. Some would say The Darkness is an anti-hero but others point out Jackie uses his little black demons to rip his competition into a million pieces. Then we have Sara Pezzini, who’s gotten herself knocked up and passed the power of The Witchblade onto Danielle Baptiste … who really has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Two people with amazing abilities, out for a night on the town, when all hell breaks loose.

In Unholy Union, hell comes from The Ghost Rider himself. It seems Jackie has gotten himself a get out of jail free card (courtesy of a certain blind lawyer) and GR feels he’s still got some dues to pay. Meanwhile, doing shots in the corner of the bar is the mild mannered Doctor David Banner. If Mr. Banner gets caught in the middle of this mess, New York will have The Hulk to deal with!

So there’s the set up. Sounds fun huh? I’ve always loved crossovers, or maybe I just like the idea of them. Two worlds sent hurtling toward each other for one moment and then everything is back to normal the next. The comedy for me comes when a character in the book goes “Hey..where did this guy come from?!” Spider-Man and Savage Dragon run into each other in the middle of a fight, in New York City, even though they’ve always lived there. I suppose it’s possible as I don’t know everyone in my state, but it always comes off as a little awkward. Unfortunately, Unholy Union is no different as The Hulk flings debris at Witchblade and Ghost Rider unleashes chains of doom on The Darkness. They are seriously unlikely match ups, even when flipped around.

The saving grace is some beautiful artwork from Michael Broussard which turns a “meh” battle into “WOAH!” material. Sad that this battle is extremely short and seemingly pointless, with a light cameo from Dr. Strange who gets about 30 seconds of page time intro-ing and wrapping up the Marvel mayhem.

Union boasts 40 pages of action for the same price as your average comic, making it an excellent deal, but don’t go in for the headliners. Under 20 pages feature the Marvel Heroes interacting in the Top Cow universe. In fact, as you reach the end of the story, the last 10 pages are a preview of the Witchblade story arch “First Born”. Hell, 4 pages or so are just a preview of The Darkness video game (review). Fans of Witchblade and The Darkness have ample reasons to snap this comic up. Marvel fans might feel a little gypped by the amount action, but their beloved characters are definitely fun to watch in this book. Over all, if you are looking to pick up an extra comic when you are hitting the geek store and spot Unholy Union, you can’t beat the price!

Now check out a whopping 9 PAGE PREVIEW of Unholy Union only here on Dread Central! Be sure to visit Top Cow’s official site for more Witchblade & Darkness madness!

Top Cow's Unholy Union preview! Top Cow's Unholy Union preview! Top Cow's Unholy Union preview! Top Cow's Unholy Union preview!

Top Cow's Unholy Union preview! Top Cow's Unholy Union preview! Top Cow's Unholy Union preview!


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