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Dust Devil: The Final Cut (click to see it bigger!)It’s been a while since Subversive Cinema first announced that they would be putting out the definitive version of Richard Stanley’s critically underseen Dust Devil, and it seems the time between that announcement and now has been spent doing nothing but compiling all the features that will be spread throughout this massive 4-disc set of the film.

The official specs have shown up all over the ‘net, and I thought you guys would probably dig hearing about just how far Subversive is willing to go when they say “definitive”. Dig:

Disc One:
Dust Devil: The Final Cut (w/ commentary with Richard Stanley and Norman Hill)
107-min Hi Def transfer, 16×9 widescreen (1.85:1); transfer approved by Richard Stanley
5.1 mix, 2.0 Dolby Stereo mix
Richard Stanley production diaries on the making of
”A Demon Reborn: The Final Dust Devil” featurette
Making of Dust Devil (from the Laser Paradise disc)
Trailer for long lost 16mm version of Dust Devil
2nd disc CD will be the soundtrack by Simon Boswell

Disc Two:
A reconstruction of the Work Print release, about 114 minutes long
New Dust Devil comic book by Phil Avelli with a Richard Stanley-approved story

Disc Three:
Voice of the Moon – documentary on Afghanistan (w/ commentary by Richard Stanley and Norman Hill)
White Darkness – documentary on Haitian Voodoo (w/ commentary by Richard Stanley)
The Making of White Darkness

Disc Four:
Secret Glory – documentary on the search for the grail and the neo-Nazi movement (w/ commentary by Richard Stanley and Norman Hill)
The Making of Secret Glory

That enough for you? Does that make the wait worth it? Damn, I hope so cause if not… well, nothing can please you, it seems. Dust Devil: The Final Cut is set to hit stores on September 26th, and Subversive is only making 10,000 copies and then it’s gone forever, so do not miss it. You should hit Subversive’s official site for a look at the trailer for the DVD; then < a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000HEWGTW/evilshopnet" target="blank">click here to pre-order it through Evilshop!

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