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Can You Survive This Trailer for Mathieu Turi’s Hostile?



It’s been a couple of years since the first news arrived for Mathieu Turi’s film Hostile, but now that it’s heading to Shriekfest for its West Coast premiere, a new trailer has been released, which you can check out right here!

Hostile is an English-language post-apocalyptic movie, which was filmed in New York (USA), Paris (France), and Ouarzazate (Morocco).  It was produced by Xavier Gens and Thomas Lubeau, Eric Gendarme, and Olivier Chateau of Full Time Films.

Brittany Ashworth (The Crucifixion), Grégory Fitoussi (World War Z, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, “Mr Selfridge”), and Javier Botet (the [REC] series, Crimson Peak, Mama) star.

Look for Hostile‘s release in early 2018 following its festival run.

“My name is Juliette, and I survived the Apocalypse. You think I’m lucky? You’re wrong…”

After a worldwide epidemic, most of the planet’s population is killed. Only a few thousand have survived and are struggling to find food and shelter. But they’re not alone:  They have to hide from strange creatures that go hunting at night.

Juliette, a young woman whose life has taught her to handle things on her own, is the only one in her group to have the guts to go anywhere near cities to find food. But on her way back to the camp one afternoon, she loses control as she’s driving.

She wakes up upside down, stuck in her car with a broken leg, in the middle of the desert, and… IT’S NIGHTTIME.



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