Motocross Zombies Unleashed

Motocross Zombies from Hell!I first reported on this not too long ago (specifically here) when at the time there was little to go on aside from the outlandish notion of this film’s very existence. Today I can share with you artwork and a trailer for what will no doubt go down as the preeminent zombie movie of our generation:


“Up can coming motocross racer Cody is on the hottest winning streak of his short career… A streak that threatens to unseat the undefeated riders on “Team Skullz”. Little does Cody know that this team’s riders have an edge – they’re zombies! Cody, his tuner Tom, and friend Lori get more than they every bargained for when during the biggest motocross race of the season the zombies and their undead manager, Ivan, target them for elimination of the deadliest kind.”

I don’t follow motocross so you’ll have to forgive my ignorance when I state I had no idea how passionately the undead took their dirt bike racing. I do believe this film also marks the first ever zombie motocross movie, unless you count 2005’s Supercross: The Movie, which died at the box office and was so dull it sent its few viewers into a zombie-like state.

Despite its goofy title, no, this is not a Troma production. Westlake Entertainment, a company that also released the dismal Zombies Gone Wild earlier this year (and I do believe this one is from the same filmmakers), will be unleashing the future masterpiece that will be forever known as Motocross Zombies From Hell to DVD on October 23rd.

Can your heart withstand the high octane horror of dirt bike-ridin’ zombies that hate being shown up by X-Games wannabes not suffering from skin rot? Check out the Motocross Zombies From Hell trailer and determine if you’ll be able to man up this Halloween when the ultimate dirt nap on the dirt track hit DVD store shelves.

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