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Some would say we need a break from vampire films. But I say nay. As long as they don’t sparkle and mope, and I get to see massive carnage, bring on the creatures of the night.

Blakk Flamingo Pictures is answering the call on DVD this November with their first feature film, Bite Marks.

Bite Marks is also the first feature film for writer/director Mark Bessenger. Starring Windham Beacham (Long-Term Relationship), David Alanson, and Benjamin Lutz (The Love Patient), Bite Marks also features old Evil Ed himself, Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night, 976-EVIL, The Weeping Woman).

From the Press Release:
BITE MARKS is the creep-tastic dark tale of a truck driver named Brewster (Lutz), who is confronted by a bloody scary revelation: the delivery that he has accepted to take over from his missing brother, which he must transport to a funeral home, contains a load of coffins.

On the way Brewster picks up hitchhiking gay couple, Cary (Beacham) and Vogel (Alanson), in order to help keep him awake. As night falls, Brewster’s GPS leads them to a deserted junkyard in the middle of the boonies, where the truck breaks down, stranding them. The trio soon find that the coffins they are hauling have unleashed blood-thirsty vampires. Will they be able to survive until dawn?

The retail price for Bite Marks is $24.99 for DVD. It is presented in English, in Stereo 2.0 and 5.1 Surround Sound. The DVD will also include bonus features such as director’s commentary and bloopers. Look for an official release date and artwork soon!

For more information on Blakk Flamingo Pictures and the film, visit the official Bite Marks website.

Check Yourself for Bite Marks

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  • malcoJOJO

    I think I’ll watch TUCKER AND DALE vs EVIL again instead. :)