Exit Speed Kills

Exit Speed KillsTen passengers on a bus traveling across rural Texas are headed home for Christmas Eve. The passengers all rush to the aid of a biker after he’s struck by the bus. Unbeknownst to them, the biker is whacked out of his mind on crystal meth. Injured, angry, and in a narcotic-induced frenzy, the biker opens fire on the bus. The passengers then pull a “United 93” and kill the trigger happy, drug crazed biker.

Unfortunately, the other eight members of his nomadic biker gang witness the lynching and start giving the bus passengers the old Race with the Devil treatment; eventually driving the bus off the road and forcing the passengers to take refuge in an abandoned wrecking yard. With the bikers surrounding them and no Mad Max in sight to save them, the bus passengers must rely on improvised weapons in a battle to the death with the bloodthirsty bikers.

Once again, tragic proof that meth equals death!

Lea Thompson (Howard the Duck, Back to the Future), Desmond Harrington (Wrong Turn), and Remo Williams himself, Fred Ward, star in the Sabbatical Pictures production directed by Scott Ziehl (Demon Hunter, Earth vs. The Spider, Road House 2) from a script by Michael Stokes, who also penned the recently released supernatural thriller The Marsh.

And the title of this action-packed thriller: Exit Speed. What a lame title. I realize the plot involves a bus, but does that mean the title had to use the word speed in it? It’s doesn’t just sound lame, it also makes the movie sound low rent. Surely they could come up with something better.

Exit Speed is currently in post-production. Given that there isn’t even a trailer yet I’m guessing this is going to be a direct-to-DVD release, most likely for sometime in 2008. You can check out more stills and such at the official Exit Speed website.

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