utopiabanner - Israel's Utopia Festival Raising Funds For 2017 Edition

Israel’s Utopia Festival Raising Funds For 2017 Edition

As the internet becomes more open with means of communication, the love of genre only spreads wider across the globe. People who may not have had the opportunity to see certain titles can now not only watch them but learn about them, read interviews, see making-of featurettes, and so much more. The passion for genre fare grows with each and every day and it warms my heart to see that joy and love touch more and more people every day.

A great example of this is Utopia Festival in Israel. A genre film festival based out of Tel Aviv, the festival has brought filmmakers such as Marc Caro (The City of Lost Children), Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World), Christian Lorenz Scheurer (concept artist and production designer for The Matrix and The Fifth Element, amongst others), and more to the Middle East.

However, Utopia was unable to bring together their 2016 edition after they failed to receive funding from Israel’s Ministry of Culture following a change in policy. But that hasn’t stopped them as they’ve decided that they’re coming back this year and they’re coming back strong!

In order to show the Ministry of Culture that a genre film festival is something worth preserving, maintaining, and supporting, Utopia Festival is raising money to resurrect the festival, which will take place this December. If you want to help them reach their goal of approximately $20,000 USD, simply head on over here and pledge your support so that genre fans in other parts of the world can enjoy what we see so frequently!

utopiabanner - Israel's Utopia Festival Raising Funds For 2017 Edition