No Avary for Silent Hill 2

Roger Avary will not return to Silent HillJust because we’ve not heard anything about it in a long time, now’s a good time for an update on the progress of Silent Hill 2, don’t you think? Sure, why not!

STYD recently spoke with Silent Hill screenwriter Roger Avary about the possibility of him returning to pen the second film, but he very bluntly stated that if Christophe Gans isn’t going to be back for the sequel, neither will he.

Producer Dan Carmody has said before that Gans is too busy and doesn’t have enough interest to make the second film, likely because he got the look of it so very right in the first, but the sequel will be moving forward with a new (possibly suckier) writing/directing team at the helm.

Too bad for all us SH fans, but personally I was so happy with the first film that I’d be fine not seeing anyone else try to bastardize it. Hopefully Sony will be smart with the second when it does happen, but time will tell!

Johnny Butane

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