New Writer Hired! It’s Godzilla vs. David Goyer!

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The news that David Goyer has been hired by Legendary Pictures to pen Godzilla doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Isn’t there some unwritten law in Hollywood that the prolific Mr. Goyer must at some point have his hand in crafting every popular geek property in Hollywood?

Nikki Finke broke the exclusive story today that Legendary Pictures has hired David Goyer to pen the screenplay for Monsters director Gareth Edwards’ big budget Hollywood revamping of Godzilla from a previous draft by David Callaham. Again, not surprising given Goyer’s work with Legendary Pictures on the new Batman and Superman movies.

The most curious line in the article states that “Legendary intends to approach the film and its characters in the most authentic manner possible…” I would assume that “most authentic manner possible” indicates the plan is to treat the material like the new Batman flicks and make a more realistic Godzilla movie akin to the approach taken in the dark and serious 1954 original and not something campier like the many sequels where he fights another giant monster and becomes protector of the very mankind he frequently stomps on.

Going the serious and scary route could prove to be a major crapshoot on the part of Legendary because A) Cloverfield already went there and B) Godzilla is an icon pretty ingrained in pop culture as more campy than to be taken seriously. Winning the public over in that regard could prove a very tough sell. Either way, whatever Goyer comes up with has to be better than the 1998 Roland Emmerich version. Dear God, it has to be better.

New Writer Hired!  It's Godzilla vs. David Goyer!

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