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Lucifer Cast Members Give Us a First Look at Season 3



“Lucifer” Season 3 kicks off this coming Monday, October 2nd, at a new, earlier time; and to make sure you’re ready for it, FOX has released a “first look” video in which the cast members give us a taste of what’s ahead.

“Lucifer” Episode 3.01 – “They’re Back, Aren’t They?” (airs 10/2/17; 8-9pm)
After a confused Lucifer (Tom Ellis) wakes up in the middle of the desert with his wings back, he recruits the help of Chloe (Lauren German) to help figure out what happened to him and why. Upon doing their own research, they come across a crime scene that could be tied to Lucifer’s kidnapping. When the Lancaster Police Department gets involved, newcomer Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) fails to make a great impression on everyone with his stern demeanor. The investigation goes awry when Lucifer finds himself in another compromising situation and something much darker is revealed.

Co-starring DB Woodside as Amenadiel, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze, Kevin Alejandro as Dan, Scarlett Estevez as Trixie, Rachael Harris as Linda Martin, Tricia Helfer as Charlotte, and Aimee Garcia as Ella; guest stars include Pej Vahdat as Josh McGregor, Michael Gladis as Sam, and Jeremiah Birkett as Lee.




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