Johnny Legs is Happening

John Leguizamo joins the cast of HappeningMuch like when he jumped on board the last Romero zombie movie, Land of the Dead, I really don’t get the appeal of John Leguizamo. So I guess it’s good I’m not a casting agent, then.

Variety is reporting that M. Night Shayamalan sees his appeal, though, and has cast him alongside Mark Wahlberg in his first R-rated venture, The Happening, which goes in front of cameras in Philadelphia next month for a planned June 13th, 2008 release date.

Leguizamo will play the best friend to Wahlberg’s character, a man who has to take his family on the run when the end of the word rears it’s ugly head. Other than that we know it has to do with plants but that’s pretty much where the info has stopped. It’ supposed to be scary, though, so I can’t wait!

Johnny Butane

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