The Horrors of Fantasia: Day 11

Fantasia 2007 coverage!Well that’s it. After a debauchery filled week spent watching movies, eating crappy food, drinking, and staying up until dawn, Johnny and Michelle have left the building. We had a blast with those fuckers, and the final week of the festival isn’t going to be the same without them. The third week of Fantasia is usually just populated with a bunch of sorry looking tired local losers (like us), since all the hip out-of-town guests have bailed by then. This year’s shaping up to be no different.

Good thing the last week’s filled with some must-see films. Notably: Trapped Ashes, Nightmare Detective (review), The Girl Next Door (review), Wizard of Gore, Murder Party, Borderland, and what I can assure you will be a slightly different take than Nomad’s on Postal (which you can read here).

Fantasia 2007 coverage!Last night saw Fantasia give out its lifetime achievement award to Jean Rollin, director of such “classics” as Zombie Lake and The Grapes of Death. I have to admit, Rollin isn’t my cup of tea, but it’s still cool to see him walking down the street with Mitch, all dapper in his summer suit, but looking like he could flip me off at any second. You’ve also got to respect Fantasia for awarding meaningful lifetime achievement awards, and not handing them out like Xanax at a Hollywood old folk’s home.

Later on I went to go see The Backwoods (review), which was touted as a scary town and country hillbilly flick. It didn’t disappoint, but it might not be exactly what horror fans are expecting. Check out my review if you want to know why.

Today looks to be pretty heavy for a Monday. First up is Rod Gudino’s “The Eyes of Edward James” (review) screening before Dead in 3 Days. After that we have to decide whether to go see Jean Rollin’s new flick La Nuit des Horlorges, or The Ferryman. We’ll finish the night up with one I’ve been looking forward to all festival; Larry Fessenden’s The Last Winter.

Check back later to find out if Austria’s take on One Missed Call is a hit, if an aging Frenchman can channel the fervent surrealism of his youth, if the dwarf from Lord of the Rings can actually be scary, and if eco-horror can freak us into changing our ways.

Evil Andy

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