Crewless Go Interplanetary

Interplanetary pic!Of all the films that kind of came out of nowhere, we gave support to, and ended up actually being pretty damn good, Hide and Creep (DVD review) is still the one that surprises me the most. A couple of guys from the middle of nowhere managed to create a funny, intelligent zombie film with zero money that’s seen countless plays on the Sci Fi Channel to date, not to mention impressive DVD sales.

So when I heard about the company behind it, Crewless Productions’, latest effort Interplanetary, I had to jump on board to find out what it was about. The scale is larger, much much larger, but I can see these guys pulling it off.

You see, it’s about a man, Steve, who spends most of his days fighting off boredom on the planet Mars. One day one of his co-workers discovers an ancient Martian fossil, however, and pretty soon Steve finds himself up against an army of seemingly unstoppable alien creatures. Always a suck way to end your day.

The tone is a bit more on the serious side this time out, but director Chance Shirley did promise that the humor that made Hide and Creep work so well will still be in place, just to a lesser degree.

Check out a ton of updates on the shooting of Interplanetary, which is going on as we speak, over on the official Interplanetery blog, and be sure to hit our Broadband section for a look at some cool shots from Interplanetary that are also available online!

Johnny Butane

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