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David Lynch Teases Another Chapter of Twin Peaks… But Don’t Hold Your Breath



Earlier today we got the word on when the recently concluded Season 3 of “Twin Peaks” will be hitting home video; but if you’re a fan of the series, most likely you’re more interested in seeing further installments rather than just revisiting what we’ve already seen, especially after that ending!  During a recent chat with EW, series co-creator David Lynch gave us a little bit of hope for just that… if we’re willing to wait!

When asked if Showtime has talked to him about more “Twin Peaks,” Lynch said, “No, we haven’t talked. The thing just finished! Even if there was more, it would be four years from now before anyone would see it. We’ll just have to wait and see.” And does he have any ideas for future seasons? “No, I can’t talk about that,” he stated.

As for the open-ended finale, Lynch explained, “Some things came to a conclusion. And some things dangled out there. And that’s sort of the way it is in life.” You certainly can’t argue with that!

There are a few more juicy tidbits to glean from Lynch’s chat with EW, including his inspiration for Freddie’s magical green glove and how emotional it was to film Catherine Coulson’s final appearance as the Log Lady, so be sure to hit the link for the rest!




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