Bigger & Better Dark City?

Dark City SE on the way!Oh, hell yes.

Remember when David Goyer wasn’t known for writing stuff like Blade and Alex Proyas was known as the only guy to get The Crow right? Back in those days the two of them joined up for a film that’s never gotten the respect I feel it deserved, though to look back, it’s pretty amazing it saw mainstream release. That film is Dark City.

For the longest time the only option we’ve had to watch it on digitally is the crappy, first generation bare bones DVD but, according to a chat Goyer had on Fangoria Radio recently (thanks to Twitch Film for the heads up), that’s about to change.

He revealed that he and Proyas just finished up work on a brand new, bells and whistles filled director’s cut of the film, complete with enhanced special effects and improved sound. They didn’t give word on when it would be out, of course, but if someone’s dumping this kind of a money, could a theatrical release be that out of the question? I think not!

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as Dark City: The Director’s Cut develops!

Johnny Butane

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