Kayden Rose Nabs the Lead in Upcoming Feature Film Thanatomorphose

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Thanatomorphose. No, it’s not the term for how a tadpole turns into a frog or how Chaz Bono turned into … whatever it was she turned into. Thanatomorphose is a seriously twisted looking upcoming horror film from Canadian director Éric Falardeau. And now the film has its leading lady.

The lovely Kayden Rose, who has previously acted in three short films and done various modeling work, will take on the daunting task of leading the way in Thanatomorphose, which is a French word referring to “the visible signs of an organism’s decomposition caused by death.” Good luck, Kayden.

Kayden Rose Nabs the Lead in Upcoming Feature Film ThanatomorphoseFrom the Press Release
Thanatofilms, a subsidiary of Les productions Outofnowhere inc., proudly announces the official casting of model and actress Kayden Rose as the lead part of Quebec director Éric Falardeau’s independently produced dark tale of sex and gore, Thanatomorphose.

Kayden Rose (pictured right) has been modeling and acting professionally for around five years. In this short time, she has acted in three films and modeled for two books, three Marvel comics, two art shows, and dozens of other projects. Her films have been seen at festivals around the world, including in Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, and the United States. Thanatomorphose is her first role in a feature-length film.

Éric Falardeau, director: “I was looking for someone very courageous who is willing to push herself. I found that person in Kayden. I’m sure she’ll give a performance like nobody has seen before!”

Kayden Rose: “I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work with Eric on Thanatomorphose. It will be my first feature-length film, and I couldn’t have imagined a more thrilling, challenging, and interesting project.”

Other actors are being revealed over the film’s Facebook page and production blog. They are Davyd Tousignant (male lead), Émile Beaudry (male lead), Karine Picard (second role), Roch-Denis Gagnon (second role) and Eryka L. Cantieri (second role).

The film is set to start shooting in August 2011 for a winter/spring 2012 release. The film website features a link to the official production blog hosted by famous horror culture French website Sinistre Mag. The blog covers all aspects of the production from pre-production to distribution. It is a unique window on the business of producing and directing an independent fright flick. Short videos also put the viewers directly into the production process.

The synopsis is as follows: One day the young and beautiful Laura wakes up and finds her flesh rotting…

Kayden Rose Nabs the Lead in Upcoming Feature Film Thanatomorphose

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