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Caroline Williams Pays Tribute to the Late Tobe Hooper – Post Mortem Exclusive



We’re back with another exclusive preview of what’s to come on Mick Garris’ Post Mortem on Podcast One. This week’s guest is none other than Stretch herself, Caroline Williams, and she pays tribute to the late Tobe Hopper.

Hooper was a talented filmmaker, an innovator of a genre, and a friend.

About the Episode:
Join us for a special POST MORTEM, where Mick Garris is joined by the stars of Tobe Hooper’s seminal classic THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, Caroline Williams and Bill Moseley, to discuss Tobe’s life, their experiences working with him, and the impact he’s had on their careers. They’ll explore much of Tobe’s filmography, including Mick addressing Tobe’s often talked about experience behind the scenes of POLTERGEIST, which Mick was on-set for.

PLUS, they’re re-airing the audio from a special 2010 interview Mick did with Tobe from the original Post Mortem TV run.

Don’t miss this tribute to one of horror’s greats.

Check out the audio clip below courtesy of Mick Garris’ Post Mortem on Podcast One, and make sure you subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

The full episode will be available this Wednesday, September 13, on iTunes and Podcast One; and as always, we advise you to listen to the show itself in its entirety when you have the chance.

Thanks as always to Joe Russo.

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