The Horrors of Fantasia: Day 10

Fantsia 2007 coverage!Man, what a sad, sad thing it is to finish up at Fantasia. It seemed even more bittersweet because we had spent so much time up there this year, as opposed to our usual extended weekend, but it all came to a close far too early for us both.

The morning of our last day at Fantasia was pretty much completely missed by us. Andy’s lady Hazel thankfully woke us up before it got too late in the day, and we were able to get our shit together in time to get to the theater to catch the 5pm showing of the movie we were told was one of the fest’s most fucked-up, 13 Beloved.

Goes to show the power of hype, too; the theater was absolutely packed to the gills to witness this Thai slice of gritty cinema, and while I agree that it was a pretty damn fine film, the amount of hype it received was a bit over the top. It’s the story of a man who’s having the worst day ever and is contacted by phone to perform increasingly more dangerous things in public that earn him more and more money each time he successfully completes them. It’s really not horrific enough for a full fledged review (though we might get one anyway), but when it does come out on DVD here in the States, I recommend checking it out.

Fantsia 2007 coverage!The movie played against Deaden (review), the film that stars John (Arrow in the Head) Fallon as a vigilante badass hopped up on way too man drugs, and apparently the crowd reaction was pretty damn good overall (McCannibal was there representin’ and dug it a lot). Unfortunately we didn’t see the JoBlo guys much after the screening, but I’m glad we did get to hang with them, however briefly, on their home turf for once!

The final film in our Fantasia lineup for 2007 was Jim Mickle’s Mulberry Street (review), also one of the last urban apocalypse movies to play the festival. Man, did this movie kick many forms of ass. Sure, it’s about people who turn into possessed rat creatures one evening for no particular reason but is done so fucking well and they had so fucking little to make it with … just wait till you guys see it.

Fantsia 2007 coverage!That night we paid our final respects to Fantasia and all that it’s about, and the evening consisted of chatting with Robert Kurtzman for pretty much the whole night; you want to talk about a man who has done so much and is 100% free of ego? This is your man. If you ever hear about him being at a con or making an appearance, go. You couldn’t ask for a nicer guy.

Another somewhat late night (the sun hadn’t come up when we went home so it wasn’t as late as previous ones), but since we had such a huge drive in front of us the next day, it was kind of good. Now we’re home, back to our regular lives (yawn) and just wishing Fantasia happened more than once a year.

Look for more daily write-ups from Andy and Paul, of course, as well as many more reviews since there’s still over a week left of Fantasia and a lot left to cover!

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