The Horrors of Fantasia: Day 9

Fantasia 2007 coverage!Our second to last day at Fantasia started off simply enough. I actually got up before noon for once so I could work on the previous day’s coverage, then headed out early to catch The Matrimony (review), a movie I’d been waiting to check out since it got such rave reviews from Tribeca, while Michelle and Andy hit up the apparently hilarious documentary King of Kong, about the man with the world’s highest score in Donkey Kong.

Yes, the video game Donkey Kong. Goes to show an entertaining documentary can be made about pretty much anything these days.

The Matrimony really put me in a weird place, since it’s kind of a heavy movie to start off your day with, especially by yourself.. My review will tell you more, of course; suffice it to say I was a bit on the mellow side when it was over.

Fantasia 2007 coverage!A quick trip to the big theater for End of the Line (review) certainly fixed that, however. Maurice Deveraux finally comes into his own with this movie, which details a group of strangers forced to band together to outrun a cult of religious fanatics who have been ordered by their leader to kill everyone they can as quickly as they can because Armageddon is upon us. It really is a fucking blast of a film if you can look past the questionable acting, and I almost guarantee the slightly ambivalent ending will have you talking about it for hours afterwards. I know we sure as hell did. I really hope someone picks this flick up for release soon cause it kicks some serious ass.

After that we had some down time so we headed out for food (you’d really be amazed how much time is spent either discussing food or eating it at this festival), enjoying the near-frigid Montreal night which couldn’t have been any warmer than the low 60’s; the kind of weather that’s unheard of for this city in goddamn July.

Fantasia 2007 coverage!We had a bit of a moral dilemma getting back to the theater; Robert Kurtzman was there to show off The Rage (review) for the first time, which as you can tell I had already seen. Across the street they were playing The Signal (review) again, though, and the wife and I could really not say no to finally seeing it. Believe me, everything you’ve heard about this movie is true; it’s fucking harsh, vicious, funny and just really really fucking good.

The Rage went over really well, too, from all reports I’ve heard, and Kurtzman was in a really good mood when it was over. We chatted with him for a while at the bar afterwards but since it was so late they shut us out pretty damn quick. Shame, too, as I was really looking forward to hanging with the man for a bit longer. Perhaps tonight (our final night … so sad) we can make up for it.

Today we have 13 Beloved, said to be the most fucked up film of the festival and Mulberry Street, which is from all accounts really, really fucking good. Tomorrow we’re headed home so the reviews will be late, but I’m sure they’ll be worth it!

Johnny Butane

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