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Here’s How The Walking Dead Stars Compare to Their Comic Counterparts



AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is perhaps the most recognizable comic-to-TV adaptation in history. Sure, Marvel is doing incredible things on Netflix, but I truly believe that it’s the story of Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors that has really become the best example of a comic book adapted into a series, engaging and enthralling viewers more than anything prior to it.

What makes it so intriguing for viewers AND readers alike is that the TV series has deviated multiple times from the comics’ storylines, creating new pathways that were previously untouched. While the majority of major events have happened, many have not, and that’s something that keeps both parties on their toes.

An example of this can be seen in characters such as Daryl, Merle, Sasha, Deanna, Beth, Tara, T-Dog, Enid, and several more who are in AMC’s series but cannot be found in the pages of Robert Kirkman’s comics. Some of them have become staples in the series, such as Daryl, while others have met sad and potentially gruesome fates. It’s unavoidable in a world such as “The Walking Dead,” but their presence allowed for new stories to unfold.

But as for the characters who are in both the comics and the series, it’s interesting to see how they compare from one medium to the other. Not surprisingly, many of them look spot on. But some of them are a bit different! Check out the comparisons below!



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