The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D – Surprising New Plot Details?

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Well. Consider the landscape surrounding The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie officially covered in fog. For months now we’ve been reporting that the next film in the franchise will be taking place right after Tobe Hooper’s original ended. That may not be the case after all.

Leatherface 3DDirected by John Luessenhop and penned by Debra Sullivan, Adam Marcus and Stephen Susco, with the most recent drafts by Kirsten Elms and Luessenhop, here are the plot details which had originally surfaced:

Leatherface 3D or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D is a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper’s classic 1974 film. In it we follow the lead character, Heather, who, along with her friends, travels to Texas in order to collect an inheritance. The spin? Said inheritance comes with a cousin who goes by the name of Leatherface. That’s right, the character of Heather will now own one of the sickest mass murderers of the 20th century. Not sure how that’s all going to play out or even if that is the direction the plot will stay in, but we shall see.

It should also be noted that whoever lands the lead role of “Heather” will be locked in for multiple sequels, along with the town’s “Sheriff Hooper” and his trusty sidekicks, “Farnsworth” and “Deputy Carl Hartman.”

Now, What’s Playing is reported some vastly different details.

“The new film, set today, will see the authorities and some angry townspeople ambushing the Sawyer home – where Jeb Stuart is accused of carrying out his butchering.

Hooper, the local by-the-book sheriff, had agreed to give Leatherface/Jeb Sawyer a fair trial and grant him a good lawyer … But that’s before local mayor Burt Hartman, an imposing town tough-guy, arrives with a mob to see that the murderer/s don’t even make it past their front door. Though they both want justice, Hooper and Burt have different methods. Things escalate when Burt’s mob start tying ropes to trees, prepping for a hanging, and ultimately throw a flaming cocktail into the Sawyer home … burning the place, and it’s residents (including Jeb’s father, Drayton, played by Bill Moseley), to the ground.

Goodbye Sawyers … goodbye Leatherface?

You can guess what happens next: The Chainsaw killings start up again (there’s a fun sequence at a carnival where our villain starts chopping away at the attendees) and Hooper is forced to believe that Jeb Stuart somehow survived the fire and is back for revenge. But is it Jeb? And if not, who is it? and why have they surfaced?

To entice the young ones, there’s a young heroine in the film, Heather who – Halloween H20 should maybe get a ’special thanks’ in the credits – learns she has a disturbing connection to the murderous Sawyer. Heather’s a bit of a hornbug but possibly more disturbing is her taste for things of a darker nature (not just referring to her boyfriend either) – like her art pieces which border on revolting.

Still, there’s good in this family member and enough intelligence and determination to find out what’s really going on..

All the 3D jumps and scares are weaved into the script – the ‘teeth that come flying at the audience’ when Leatherface smashes one of the youngster’s mouths with a meat hammer. They’re fun moments but what’s most impressive about the story here is that it’s a really intriguing mystery movie, it’s not as cut-and-dry as the previous Chainsaw movies, and will have you both thinking … and freaking.”

Here’s what we know for sure … The film is casting right now for an upcoming shoot in Shreveport, Louisiana under the title Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. Bill Moseley has signed on to play a character named Drayton. We’ll do some digging and try to get to the bottom of things for you.

Thanks to DC reader Cody for bringing this to our attention.

More soon.

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Justin Warren

    Whoa, that’s a huge synopsis, more like a treatment that probably shouldn’t have been leaked….a bit too much info!

  • LSD Zombie

    This sequel sounds like shit. I stopped caring about TCM after Leatherface. Yeah, it wasn’t that great, but it did have Viggo and Ken Foree!

  • MagusMaleficus

    Direct sequel huh? So they’re trying to forget my beloved bat-shit TCM 2? Fuuuuuck that!